Changing how the world invests in real estate, forever

Bringing together the worlds of finance and institutional real estate

Global Alternatives is the independent, global, institutional-grade real estate marketplace for professional and institutional investors, intermediaries, real estate asset managers and specialist lenders.

Global Alternatives is building a centralised, standardised trading exchange and capital markets ecosystem for real estate. The platform will provide investors with the ability to enter and exit institutional-quality real estate investments in real-time and with low transaction costs.

Combining experience in financial services and real estate, and deploying proprietary, proven technology with scale, Global Alternatives is not setting out to disrupt the market. Instead we are simply seeking to open it to a broader range of investors.

An independent, vetted marketplace

Global Alternatives vets all applications by listing sponsors – lenders and real estate asset managers - to join the marketplace. Once sponsors are accepted and onboarded to the platform, they are on the approved board of listing sponsors. They are then freely able to list deals on the platform.

Totally new, yet entirely familiar

Totally new

  • Giving investors access to real estate investments with an accessible and standardised deal summary
  • Standardised access to real estate investments originated by best-in-class real estate asset managers and specialist lenders in all major markets and across all major sectors
  • API-driven integration & FIX connectivity
  • White label capability

Entirely familiar

  • The principles underpinning the platform are very familiar – it operates as a securities exchange marketplace with robust post-trade processes (settlement and custody arrangements), and operating in a way that is familiar to investors who are already investing in and trading other securities
  • A key difference however is that the Global Alternatives exchange will remain in the domain of private securities. Global Alternatives post trade infrastructure is the private securities equivalent of a clearing house model, designed specifically for private securities
  • All investors have their cash and securities safeguarded by a regulated custodian

About the Company

Global Alternatives is an independent, global, institutional-grade real estate marketplace for professional and institutional investors, regulated intermediaries, specialist lenders, and real estate asset managers.

Since its inception, it has been designed to be an independent industry-wide utility, providing real-time access to institutional grade real estate, across all major geographies, in primary and secondary markets.

About the Team

Founded by entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the financial services, real estate, and technology sectors, Global Alternatives will change how the world invests in real estate, forever.