Access to new and sustainable sources of capital

Specialist Lenders are continually exploring new ways to access capital to support their loan book and enable customers to realise their ambitions. They seek cheaper sources of capital, and ways to access and free up additional capital for new loans. An easy-to-use model to fund loans increases their ability to fund new deals.


  • Access to new and sustainable sources of capital via the online marketplace
  • Reduced cost of capital
  • Flexibility to free up existing capital to capture more deals
  • Increase assets under management and capture market share

Deals How they work

Real estate asset owned (or to be purchased) by Borrower
Borrower requires debt financing for project
Loan + interest
Borrower approaches specialist lender for loan
Specialist Lender
Secured Legal Charge
Loan participation + interest
Lender raises capital via Global Alternatives
Bond Issuer (SPV)
Loan participation
Bond redemption
SPV is set-up & issues bonds to investors
Bond subscriptions

An example case

You are a real estate bridging and development lender and your borrower client needs a loan for the acquisition of a site on which it needs to complete imminently. The deal is attractive and you are satisfied with the diligence. However, your available cash is stretched as you have a challenging loan pipeline which you wish to capture. 

Global Alternatives can help you capitalise on these opportunities by acting as a syndication partner, taking participations in your recently completed deals (by assignment) or upcoming deals (on closing), allowing you to service your clients effectively and secure growth in your assets under management.

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