Real Estate Asset Managers

Access to new and sustainable sources of capital

Real Estate Asset Managers often face complex and difficult challenges when syndicating new real estate deals. You not only require access to capital, but you must find every opportunity to reduce its cost. 


  • A new source of capital via an efficient capital market for club deals
  • New asset management mandates via marketplace model tender process
  • Speed of funding

Deals How they work

Stabilised/incoming generating real estate asset managed by Asset Manager, owned by PropCo
Full or partial equity requirement to be raised
Asset Manager
Asset Manager raises capital via Global Alternatives
Share Issuer (SPV)
Equity Capital
SPV is set-up & issues shares/LP units to investors
Share / LP subscriptions

An example case

You are a real estate asset manager and you have secured exclusive rights to an attractive value-add opportunity on a prime asset which fits your investment objectives. You can manage your funding requirements by raising new capital or even spinning out a part of another stabilised asset in your portfolio to release tied-up capital. 

Global Alternatives can act as a syndication partner helping raise funds for new projects or take positions alongside you and your other investors in existing projects, allowing you to grow your assets under management.

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